LIfe Changing

This year we were praying for GOD to lead us to a camp that not only was fun and exciting but a camp that the kids can experience that they were created for so much more. When GOD led us to Mission 58, the kids WERE NOT excited. They had gone to the same camp for years and LOVED it!  This camp was different.  It was about serving out in the community. They did not know what to expect. When we arrived to Mission 58 the kids view was changing already.    Our kids ended up having a blast  and so much fun. Our mission for the week was a Backyard Bible Study through Mission Arlington.  We had never even heard of that. Our youth LOVED it as did ourselves. We loved seeing the smiles on the faces of these children we met with that week !  By the end of the week our youth WAS NOT ready to leave   In the beginning watching our kids so hesitant about going to Mission 58, then to see them NOT want to leave. GOD does have a mission and purpose for our lives. We are so grateful for a camp like Mission 58!! We just have to trust GOD and let him lead and guide us. We all had a blast and a life changing experience at Mission 58. Also getting the chance to work with great leaders such as Keith, Doug, and Gail. We definitely will be attending Mission 58 in the future!!!

Jessica Willem

Middle School Youth Worker
Woodland Heights

Neighborhoods to Nations

"Students Engaging the Culture with the Gospel"

Mission 58 exists to see students engaging the culture with the Gospel. On the week of camp, we will be doing exactly that. Morning sessions will consist of a time of worship, teaching and small groups. Students will then be able to encounter what God is doing in and through the nations by sitting down with different mission groups and missionaries. We will then depart to put "boots on the ground" and serve the local community.